Business Email Addresses

Business Email Addresses Are Important For Several Reasons, The Most Important Reasons Being That They:

  • Match Your Business Name Allowing Email Recipients To Instantly Recognize Who They Are Receiving An Email From Because The Business Name Is Part Of The Email Address So They Won’t Delete The Email Or Send It To Their Spam Folder.
  • Allow Business Owners To Have Full Access And Control Of Employees Email Access And Communications In The Event That An Employee Leaves The Company Or Can’t Come In To Work For Some Reason.
  • Allow Business Owners To Have Peace Of Mind Knowing That Their Email Communications Are Safe & Securely Stored Online Helping To Protecting Your Business From Data Loss.
  • Allows Business Owners & Their Employees To Login To Their Email Address From Any Device 24/7 No Matter Where They Are Located.

Whether You Need A Single Business Email  Address To Start Or Need Enough Business Email Addresses For All Of Your Employees We've Got Just The Plan For You! Click On The Link Below To Compare Business Email  Plans Or Contact Us To Discuss Your Options.

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About Microsoft Office 365 Business Email Plans

Microsoft Office 365 Business Email Addresses Include Many Benefits:

  • Accessibility & Cloud Storage
    Microsoft Office 365 Business Email Is Stored In The Cloud Which Will Allow You To Access  Your Email Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7/365 Simply By Logging In To Your Email Account Online.
  • High End Security
    Microsoft 365 Business Email Plans Offers Integrated High End Security To Offer Our Customers Peace Of Mind In Knowing That Their Data Communications Are Safe & Well Protected.
  • Easy Integration With Other Microsoft Apps
    Microsoft Office 365 Business Email Integrates Easily With Other Microsoft 365 Apps, Such As OneDrive, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner & The Desktop Version Of Microsoft Outlook For Offline Access To Your Business Emails Should Your Internet Service Go Down.
  • No Upgrade Required 
    Microsoft Office 365 Business Email Plans Are Automaitically & Seamlessly Updated To The Most Current Version So You'll Always Have Access to The Most Current Features Available.
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